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Beautiful unicorn faux leather vinyl sheet

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Pre-cut sheet of faux leather vinyl with a textured finish. Fabulous for purses, bags, wallets and bows. Waterproof and durable. Cuts beautifully with scissors or a rotary blade.

This vinyl very similar to cork for thickness and flexibility. A domestic machine can sew through it. While leather needles are recommended, it was tested with universal ones with no issues. Do not pin vinyl as holes will be permanent. Instead use clips.

If you find that the vinyl is slightly sticky while top stitching a teflon foot or tissue paper is recommended. Or even put tape attached to the underside of your sewing foot.

Shipping: sheets will be shipped flat where possible or rolled.

100% synthetic 

21cm x 29cm or 8.27” x 11.42” (these have been hand cut so please be aware there might be very slight differences in sizing )

Sold as 1 sheet

1 = 1 sheet

2 = 2 sheets