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Lanigan retail round 11

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Faux Leather Vinyl 55" wide/100% synthetic/650gsm/1mm thick

Custom printed faux leather vinyl with a smooth finish. Fabulous for purses and bags of all types and sizes. Waterproof and durable. Cuts beautifully with scissors or a rotary blade. This vinyl is very similar to cork for thickness and flexibility. A domestic machine can sew through it. While microtex needles are recommended, it was tested with universal ones with no issues. Do not pin vinyl as holes will be permanent. Instead use clips.

If you find that the vinyl is slightly sticky while top stitching a teflon foot or tissue paper is recommended. Or even put tape attached to the underside of your sewing foot. Due to the printing process there might be a slight smell to the vinyl. This does fade if its left sitting unrolled and exposed to air. I do try to let it sit out myself before packing up to help reduce the scent.


Sold in half yard (18”) cuts and will be rolled.

1 = 1 (1/2 yard roll)

2 = 2 (1/2 yard rolls)

3 = 3 (1/2 yard rolls)

4 = 4 (1/2 yard rolls)



The following bases are sold in half yard (18”) increments and multiples will be cut in one continuous piece. If continuous yardage is not an option for whatever reason, you will be contacted.

Quick help guide to be sure you get the yardage you need when ordering:

1 = .5 yards

2 = 1 yard

3 = 1.5 yards

4 = 2 yards 


Waterproof Canvas 57" wide/100% polyester/260gsm

Custom printed waterproof canvas will change your bag making game. Durable for the exterior or interior of bags, this canvas is flexible and not too thick but not too thin. This is considered to be a medium weight fabric. Can be ironed just be sure to use your synthetic setting. The back of this product is white

What this is NOT:

It’s not coated cotton canvas. It has no coating on the back. It has no stretch

Cotton Woven 56" wide/100% cotton/145gsm

Custom printed cotton woven fabric.  Gorgeous fabric for all your bag making needs and soft enough for quilts or clothing. This is considered to be a light weight fabric.

Cotton Canvas 56" wide/100% cotton/280gsm

Custom printed 100% cotton canvas fabric.  Very similar to cotton woven but thicker. This is considered to be a medium weight fabric.

NEW-Athletic knit 57" wide/85% polyester 15% spandex/300-320gsm

Custom printed athletic knit fabric.  Perfect for a variety of clothing options. Printed with the grain.

NEW-Bamboo trench terry 60" wide/95% bamboo 5% spandex/300gsm

Custom printed bamboo french terry knit fabric.  Perfect for a variety of clothing options it is very soft and easy to work with.

NEW-Cotton lycra 60" wide/95% cotton 5% spandex/230gsm

Custom printed cotton lycra knit fabric.  Perfect for a variety of clothing options or bag making. 

NEW-Cotton rib knit 60" wide/95% cotton 5% spandex/250gsm

Custom printed cotton cotton rib knit fabric.  Perfect for a variety of clothing options this is a super soft fabric. 


*Please remember images will print slightly different on each base and might not look exactly like on the screen. Images purchased are digital and sometimes colours and detail can vary a bit on fabrics*

Image designed and purchased from Pixel Flow Designs



Customer Reviews

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This pattern is so vibrant and gorgeous! I haven't decided on which handbag pattern to use yet, but can't wait to use this vinyl!

Laurie Bouvier
These are wonderful!

I ordered two fabrics, Lanigan and Paper Flowers. They're so wonderful, Paper Flowers looks like it hovers on the fabric, beautiful! So glad that I ordered these!!!


Fabric is absolutely stunning


Beautiful fabric, great service