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Star cut out pull (locking zipper pull)

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Zipper pull
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Please note before ordering this pull that I recently discovered that it is a locking pull. This means that if you have the pull pointed down it will "lock" into place to prevent accidental opening. This does not affect bag making but the pull would be more suited for clothing. To "unlock" simply flip the pull so it's facing upwards and then you can move the pull down. Pretty much the same as the zipper on jeans.

This metal zipper pull is on a slider for a #5 nylon zipper (sold separately). It cannot be used with any other zipper.

Slide the pull onto the zipper from either end or slide 2 on to make a double pull opening.

Depending on your project is how many pulls you will need per meter of zipper. I personally would suggest 2-4 pulls/meter

Pulls are all sold separately so you can mix and match

1 - 1 pull

2 - 2 pulls

3 - 3 pulls