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Zipper pull holder

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Tired of struggling to hold a zipper pull and put the tape on all at the same time? Then this zipper jig is for you

It is designed to clamp to a variety of table or desk thicknesses and comes with 3 double ended attachments for different sizes of pulls.

Pulls: #3, #4, #5S (nylon pulls like I sell) #5H (metal pulls), #8 and #10

To use: using the handle bar untwist the clamp until its open enough to clamp onto the surface you are using. Tighten the handle bar back up until the jig is secure. Pick the zipper pull holder that you need depending on the number listed at that end. Screw onto the top through the long slit in the top of the holder. Depending on what you feel is most comfortable have the end of the size you need facing you or away from you. Place you pull in the holder and feed your zipper tape through